Episode 67: Masonic Sword


The Weekly Bleep – Episode 67: Masonic Sword – Kelly Davis joins Chris and Marcus to talk about all kinds of stuff. Kelly will inherit a magical Masonic sword eventually. Chris and Kelly really like local internet providers. UFOs are made from aluminum foil.  Jack the Ripper may have been some rich old dudes in fezzes. The subject eventually rolls around to true conspiracies. Kelly talks about importing Nazis and covering it up in his segment about Operation Paperclip. The V2 killed a lot of people, but British journalists lied to throw off Gerry. Chris gets wonky about the conspiracy behind spinning the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Marcus tells us about Nixon’s plot to kill a journalist. Meanwhile, the DPRK claims to have a nuclear warhead aboard a submarine. Kim Jong Un snubs Putin at the WWII-theme party. Happy Mother’s Day!

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