Episode 29: Brutal, Even by Mongol Standards


The Weekly Bleep
Episode 29: Brutal, Even by Mongol Standards
Show Notes

Horrifying Drug of The Week: Burundanga
GlobalPost Article
Vice News Documentary

Man struck by lightning at Green Lake: ‘It was amazing’

Historical Mistake of The Week
Ala ad-Din Muhammad II

Conspiracy Theories of the Week: The Death of Diana
The Death of Diana Conspiracy Wiki
Operation Paget
Richard Tomlinson
SAS Sniper Danny Nightingale
Tabloid article about Ex-Wife of Soldier Who Claimed to Have Killed Diana

Tech News
USB Sticks are vectors for firmware malware

Media Discussion of the Week
The Giver
Stuff You Should Know
True Detective
Scarecrow Video
Reckless Video

Do Something Good
Help Ayla

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